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What is it?

IT’S JUST NOT OK! is a book that has been written for 5-7 year olds with some basic boundaries for children to follow, to keep themselves and their friends safe from sexual abuse. It has been designed to encourage safe and child friendly discussion on a sometimes difficult subject.  Openly talking about child abuse can unveil the secretive nature of the subject. It can equip children with the language they may need and knowledge of where to go for assistance, should they ever face a similar situation.

Knowledge is power. If the unthinkable was to happen, this book “IT’S JUST NOT OK!” and the activities on this website can be a useful tool in opening up safe discussions.

 Ideally before it ever gets to that situation, empower your child to keep themselves safe by making them aware of the dangers. Giving them these tools can help them to say “IT’S JUST NOT OK!” to child sexual abuse.

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