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How does it work?

Reading this book with children, will allow safe discussions about sexual abuse, the dangers of sexual predators and paedophiles.

It can be used as a tool to discuss, a sometimes secretive, taboo or difficult subject in a safe environment. This will enable the child to understand what is ok and what is not ok.


Click on the activity pages to further these discussions. These activities could be revisited at a later date to see if the child/children have found their own strategies or understood the information that was discussed. If a child keeps revisiting the book, it could indicate a childs’ worry they cannot vocalise. Hopefully though, this book will be used as a pre-emptive kit .



  • Understand what child abuse is

  • Feel protected and safe

  • Identify trusted adults who they can talk to & know their concerns will be taken seriously

  • Gaining confidence in themselves and their own moral compass

  • Gaining the tools to say : IT’S JUST NOT OK!


  • Feel confident in creating a positive atmosphere to discuss a difficult subject and show the child you care about them

  • Prepare a strong proactive response

  • Good pre-emptive resource for parents and teachers

  • Instil in children positive behaviour

  • Giving children the tools to say : IT’S JUST NOT OK!


The aim of writing this book is to keep kids safe. Protecting children from sexual abuse, recognizing signs, empowering them to speak up and preventing your child ever being harmed.

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