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How it can work for teachers

Click on this link to open a draft letter that can be sent home to parents to direct parents to the website. Here the parent can see a sample of the book, purchase a copy and together empower more children to avoid this danger. What is abuse? This will help you to get a clear basic starting point of what you are conveying to the children.

The activities can be downloaded and given to the children to complete. They can be done before or after the book has been read or it can revisited at a later date to review what the children have taken in.

Teacher and Pupils

The impact


• Teach and educate children what sexual abuse is, what it can include and that IT’S JUST NOT OK!

• Empower children to say, IT’S JUST NOT OK when they detect that they have seen or been involved in such inappropriate behaviour.

• Help break the secretive subject of sexual child abuse and encourage children to build on their own positive moral compass.

• Give children the tools and build a safe pathway, so they know how they can seek help, if they see others or they are experiencing any abuse themselves.

• Build strong children that can feel confident in their own body.

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